Butterfly Trail 42x30 Final

Map of the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail in Plains

The Monarch butterflies have migrated through Plains as they journey to Mexico for overwintering.  We did not see as many Monarchs this past summer and fall as in 2013 and 2014. We think the temperature, rain and decrease in our milkweed supply were all factors in the decline.

The University of Georgia donated over 100 Swamp Milkweed plants to the trail gardens in Plains in October. We were able to plant 3 new patches of swamp milkweed and replace milkweed in other gardens on the trail around Plains.  With the warm winter, we have noticed some milkweed trying to put out new leaves and we still have some flowers blooming.  This week we are expecting below 32 degree weather so the freezing weather will probably nip back all leaf and flower buds.

As we begin to work in our gardens this winter and prepare for spring, we are anxious to get more milkweed and butterfly weed established and hope for better habitat for Monarchs in 2016.

If you have not joined the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail, please go online at join at http://www.jimmycarter.info/Carterbutterflytrail.htm.